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An exploration of the absurd in religion, social justice, and what it means to be a Christian.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. A70 Projection, Denial, and Self-Defense

    This week we do a deep dive on projection. It's not just done in friendships and relationships, it's done on a systemic level. We do it for policy, we do it against ethnic and social groups, we enfore laws based on projections. Why do people project, what's the cost, and ...


  2. A69 Can Pastors Question Their Faith?

    Happy New Year! This episode we bring some cool Patreon announcements for 2019, and Tony and I discuss what the current church atmosphere is for pastors who go through a crisis of faith and have to ask difficult questions. As people in ministry, this is something that has impacted us ...


  3. A68 The Music Conversation You Never Heard with Henry Johnson

    We made it through 2018! Thank you for your support this year! For our final episode, Henry Johnson joins us once again to talk about the biblical and historical treatment of music in Christianity. Perhaps we have approached the "Worship War" all wrong this whole time.  Check out our sponsors for ...


  4. A67 Absurdistack Christmas Special Part 2!

    STOP! If you haven't listened to Part 1 on Burn The Haystack's podcast, you won't know what's going on! This Christmas, Absurdity and Burn the Haystack have partnered to create a 2-part Christmas special. We talk gifts, tradition, and experiences each of us have had around the Christmas season. You ...


  5. A66 I Don't Like Church with Lauren Brooks

    A good friend of ours, Lauren Brooks, joins us to talk about a recent post she made on her blog about church. We dive into current church culture and community and we try to answer the question: Is it better to  sit disengaged in the service or not to attend ...