A72 Clapbacks, Gillette, and Threatened Masculinity

January 28, 2019
This week, Tony and I talk about Gillette's new advertisement targeting toxic masculinity and calling men to be better and behave better. Not only that, but for the first half of the episode we dive into a piece of church news that you may not hear anywhere else because it's not being written about anywhere else. I don't share it because we want to start any rebellions or anything, but I share it because it is in a specific arena of church news that isn't easily accessible and I believe it's...
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A71 Grief, Pain, and Identity with Stephanie Johnson and James Johnson

January 21, 2019
We get personal this week. Two  of my first-ever mentors, Stephanie Johnson and her son, James, join me at Prayer Conference in High Springs, FL as we talk about some of the events revolving around my year of intense grief and loss, we talk about bullying, and the birth  of a program that teaches kids their value in Christ. Stephanie Johnson was my chaplain my senior year of high school and James is her son, a youth pastor now residing in Apopka, FL. Both have...
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A70 Projection, Denial, and Self-Defense

January 14, 2019
This week we do a deep dive on projection. It's not just done in friendships and relationships, it's done on a systemic level. We do it for policy, we do it against ethnic and social groups, we enfore laws based on projections. Why do people project, what's the cost, and how do we fix it?  Check out our sponsors for this episode: www.thehaystack.orgMusic by Justin Janetzko Twitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anob...
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A69 Can Pastors Question Their Faith?

January 07, 2019
Happy New Year! This episode we bring some cool Patreon announcements for 2019, and Tony and I discuss what the current church atmosphere is for pastors who go through a crisis of faith and have to ask difficult questions. As people in ministry, this is something that has impacted us personally and we have seen friends and colleagues deal with it as well. We hope this gives you a peek behind the curtain, so to speak, at what it means to be in ministry.
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A68 The Music Conversation You Never Heard with Henry Johnson

December 31, 2018
We made it through 2018! Thank you for your support this year! For our final episode, Henry Johnson joins us once again to talk about the biblical and historical treatment of music in Christianity. Perhaps we have approached the "Worship War" all wrong this whole time.  Check out our sponsors for this episode: www.thehaystack.orgMusic by Justin Janetzko Twitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobileEmail: ryan...
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