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An exploration of the absurd in religion, social justice, and what it means to be a Christian.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. A100 Regional Conference Reality with Evan Willis

    WE MADE IT TO 100! We thought about doing something different for this episode, but we wanted to give you the content that brought us here and that you listen for. We've brought on Evan Willis, a regional conference pastor in Charlotte, NC, to school us on the history ...


  2. A99 Church Actions vs. Church Values

    We are one away from episode 100! This week, we dive into what the Church says it values vs. what the Church's actions indicate it values. Do these two things line up? If they don't, how do we change that, and if they do, how do we keep it that ...


  3. A98 Body Shaming and Modesty Culture

    We talk about the Swansboro Methodist Church of an older church leader confronting a young worship leader about her style of dress that escalates to swearing and resulted in a viral video. From there, we dive into modesty culture and the issues around framing modesty only around how it impacts ...


  4. A97 Avoiding Sin at All Costs

    This week, we talk about the temptation to put up such strong boundaries to keep ourselves from sinning, that we often lose sight of the "abundant life" Jesus claimed we would have. We talk about a cohabitation motion from the 2015 General Conference Session and we try to figure out ...


  5. A96 Can Christianity Peacefully Coexist? with Stephen Hall

    This is the last week of our Wakonda Recordings! Tony came to visit for the weekend, so he, Stephen, and I sat down for a conversation on Christianity's historical impact on the world around it.  Christianity, throughout history, has seemed like it's never been satisfied with even being the majority ...