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An exploration of the absurd in religion, social justice, and what it means to be a Christian.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. A31 Porn Stars are People, Too

    Tony Anobile and I talk about Stormy Daniels' reception after her 60 Minutes interview, others in the sex industry who have faced unnecessary ridicule, and how we can regard and treat people better. I am running a giveaway until May 1, 2018! Make sure to listen to get the details on ...


  2. A30 Victim Shaming

    I was in Michigan over Easter weekend and had the opportunity to record several episodes with Tony Anobile. This week's episode is talking about victim shaming and how it has impacted our culture. We also discuss the intent it's often done with, how it is usually accidental, and why we ...


  3. A29 Adventism's Cling to Relevancy

    I look at 4 different examples of how Adventists (individually and corporately) jump on celebrities and the most basic media attention in order to justify our presence and relevancy. I also talk about why this is damaging and a potential reason for why this happens. The people I specifically reference on ...


  4. A28 Leaving Faith with Jase Cara

    This week is the first episode in an ongoing series we will be doing called "Leaving Faith" where we explore the stories and experiences of people who have left Christianity. This episode, one of my best friends, Jase Cara, joins me as we stroll down memory lane to talk about ...


  5. A27 I Wish You Would Man Up

    Tony Anobile joins me this week to talk about masculinity in 2018. We wonder if there needs to be a renewed conversation on masculinity and really what it means to be a man and have holistic masculinity. This conversation only scratches the surface and I will definitely be diving into ...