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An exploration of the absurd in religion, social justice, and what it means to be a Christian.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. A46 A Few of Our Favorite Things

    Tony and I battle morning voice and hay fever to talk about some of our favorite things about Adventism and being Adventist. We often discuss things we don't like that are happening and we wanted to highlight some of the awesome things that we experience within our denomination. Music by Justin ...


  2. A45 Mental Illness and Suicide

    WARNING: This episode talks a lot about mental illness and suicide. If you are struggling with either of these, we encourage you to get help ASAP! Tony and I talk about mental illness, some of the ways it has impacted our lives, and the negative stigmas around both that prevent people ...


  3. A44 Immigration is Controversial

    Let's talk immigration. Is it talked about in the Bible? Do we have any obligation as Christians to talk about this issue on a policy level? Is it ethical? Tony and I attempt to answer these questions and share our own opinions on how we should regard and treat immigrants. ...


  4. A43 Putting 'Fun' in the Fundamentals with TJ Sands

    Adventism has 28 Fundamental Beliefs with a famous preamble setting them apart from creeds. While they explain what Adventists believe, how many does one need to believe in order to be considered an Adventist? Beyond that, how have they been misused, abused, and what is their proper place in the ...


  5. A42 Sexism and Advocacy with Anna Bennett

    Anna Bennett joins Tony and myself to talk about Sexism in the church, specifically how we experience it in the Adventist denomination. We also talk about how men can advocate for equality in ministry and can empower their female colleagues in ministry. Music by Justin Janetzko Twitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobile, @mrsannabennettFacebook: facebook.com/Absurditypodcast/Website: ...