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A96 Can Christianity Peacefully Coexist? with Stephen Hall

This is the last week of our Wakonda Recordings! Tony came to visit for the weekend, so he, Stephen, and I sat down for a conversation on Christianity's historical impact on the world around it.  Christianity, throughout history, has seemed like it's never been satisfied with even being the majority faith tradition, but that it seems it has actively tried to subjugate those even in minority faith traditions or alternative lifestyles. So, can Christianity exist peacefully alongside other faiths and lifestyles it disagrees with?

We also have an interview with Tanya Musgrave of Good To Go Media! They are sponsoring a gathering for creatives to network and learn about the back-end of production. Check out the CoLab Film and Media event here! They are also doing a pitch competition where 1st Place will win $20,000! Enter discount code ABSURDITY for 20% off your general admission! CoLab will be at The Walk in Redlands, CA on September 8 & 9, 2019.

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Music by Justin Janetzko

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