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A93 Fighting Sexual Abuse in the Church with Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

A long-awaited guest joins us this week thanks to a serendipitous meeting in Wisconsin! Jennifer Jill Schwirzer is a licensed counselor and someone who has seen firsthand the damage that sexual abuse and assault causes. She works with an organization called The Bucket Brigade where victims can report sexual abuse abuse in the Adventist Church and they will investigate. She also works to train ministry leaders and lay members how to address sexual abuse reports and cases in their churches and ministries.

If you or a loved one needs to report a case of sexual abuse, visit: https://www.bucketbrigadeagainstabuse.com/

If you would like more resources, visit:

And if you or someone you know would benefit from counseling, visit: http://www.abidecounseling.us/

To contact Jennifer on Twitter: @JenniferJillSch

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