A22 Addressing Racism at Southern Part 1 with Phillip Warfield

February 09, 2018

February 3, there was another racist incident on Southern's campus. I graduated from there in 2015, so I am no longer the one to have an insider's perspective, but I wanted to share the perspectives of those who were there. This will be a two part series, with episode 2 releasing Monday, February 12.

I would encourage you to listen to these conversations with the intent to understand and empathize and not the intent to dissect what these students are saying. These are their personal opinions and perspectives, not official statements from the University. These episodes feature very little of my own thoughts on the issue, but rather seek to highlight the perspectives of those currently attending SAU.

Link to an article with SAU President Dave Smith's statement.

Link to Phillip Warfield's Twitter thread.

Thanks to Justin Janetzko for our intro music.

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