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An exploration of the absurd in religion, social justice, and what it means to be a Christian.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. A65 Avoiding Dirty Texts

    If you think this is about phones, sorry to disappoint! This episode, we dive in to ways pastors are avoiding talking about the "dirty texts" of Sciptures and why it's a dangerous and harmful trap to fall into. It turns out, in the same way you can miss the forest ...


  2. A64 Unity Video with Jose Briones

    We are sure you've seen the Unity video, so Jose, Tony, and I talk about the video, how it was made, and all the issues we have with it. what a more fitting time to talkabout this video than after our Adventist Revolution episode, which the Unity video is partially ...


  3. A63 An Adventist Revolution?

    Tony and I talk about Michael Polite's recent call to arms for Adventists in North America to recommit themselves to local mission, re-engage with what's happening in the church, and stand up to institutional injustice. We share a breakdown of all the videos, plus we give our own thoughts as ...


  4. BONUS EPISODE A Movement Toward Awakening with Ryan Hodgins

    Pastor Ryan Hodgins joins me  to talk about youg adult ministry, his journey as a pastor, and a new Young Adult initiative happening in Charlotte, NC. We address the rumors regarding Awaken happening near the same time as GYC, talk about Awaken's goals, and what you can expect. Check out Awaken ...


  5. A62 Mental Health, Counseling, and Stigmas

    Tony I share some of our own counseling experiences, fears, and perspectives on the stigmas of counseling. We delve into some of our own struggles and battles we face, and we hope this episode can be an encouragement for you to find someone to talk to and get the support ...