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An exploration of the absurd in religion, social justice, and what it means to be a Christian.
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  1. A85 Preachers, Sneakers, and Kanye

    We dive into Kanye's new Sunday Service, the preachersnsneakers instagram account, and the lack of accountability that ministry leaders have with their people. What is church and does Kanye's new movement count? What is appropriate for a pastor to buy or own?  Check out our sponsors for this episode: www.thehaystack.org Music by ...


  2. A84 Embracing Your Identity with Ev Milliner

    Ev Milliner, a student at Andrews University, joins us to talk about her journey of embracing who she is, breaking out of her shell, and becoming an outspoken advocate for those around her. We talk about everything from race to sex today, so get ready to dive into an awesome ...


  3. A83 Is a Church Really Necessary?

    Today we dive into church's transgorming how they function so they can make enough money to stay open. We question if it's even worth trying to stay open and our experience with it all. https://relevantmagazine.com/god/watch-how-churches-are-renting-themselves-out-to-stay-afloat/ Check out our sponsors for this episode: www.thehaystack.org Music by Justin Janetzko Twitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobile ...


  4. A82 Denomination Battle Lines

    Denominations! What is their value in today's culture, if they hold any value at all? How do we relate to people and were denominations always an inevitable reality of Christianity? Tony and I deep dive into denominations while also exploring why we identify with ours. We hope this conversation gives ...


  5. A81 The Beauty in Genres with Max Aka of KOZEN

    Max Aka joins us for today's Absurdity to talk about his band, KOZEN, and to discuss hardcore, metal, jazz, and everything in-between. Max is a seminary student at Andrews graduating in May 2019. He is a brilliant mind and doing some amazing things musically and in the podcast realm with ...