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An exploration of the absurd in religion, social justice, and what it means to be a Christian.
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  1. A21 No Country for Single People

    Time for another solo episode! This week I dive into the marriage culture in the Adventist Church and how it has unintentionally left little to no space for single people. I also look at how this culture of expectation and marriage excludes particular groups of people. Thanks to Justin Janetzko for ...


  2. A20.5 Birthday Episode! My Critical Adventism

    Welcome to this Special Birthday episode of Absurdity! I turn 25 today. I wanted to share a little bit about why I am an Adventist and why I criticize as much as I do. Thanks for listening! Thanks to Justin Janetzko for our Intro Music! Go check out our Patreon! Absurdity website: www.theabsurdity.org Email: ...


  3. A20 Music, Labels, and Christianity with Davis Absolute

    This week Davis Absolute is on the podcast talking about his experience as an artist who also exists in the Christian subculture. I was really grateful for him taking the time out of work (occasionally you can hear a door close behind him because of it). I hope you'll enjoy ...


  4. A19 Fostering Dependency with Tony Anobile, Jr.

    Tony Anobile, one of my best friends, joins me to talk about how churches often stifle their members' growth by leaving them in a state of need and never letting them reach God's ideal for their lives and what we can do about it from all sides. In case anyone ...


  5. A18 Regional Conferences, Racism, and Friendship with Evan Willis

    This week Evan Willis comes on the podcast to talk about Regional Conferences. Thanks to this being the first episode where we didn't use an episode outline, we get majorly off-topic! That's okay because this was an awesome conversation! Evan Willis will be back on to talk more about regional ...