A80 A Hopeful Future with Kaleb Eisele

March 25, 2019

This week is a bit different! Ryan opens up about the last three weeks with his mental health dilemma and Tony interviews Kaleb Eisele to see what he's been up to over the last year and how his experiences have impacted his view of the church. Interview starts at 20 minutes!Check out our sponsors for this episode: www.thehaystack.org Music by Justin Janetzko Twitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobileEmail: 

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A79 Muslims, Christchurch, and Responding to Hatred

March 18, 2019

Tony and Ryan deep dive not just into the Christchurch shooting, but into the very attitudes that led to this shooting, what role our individual actions and words play into this reality, and what perspectives exist in a post-9/11 society that has only known the War on Terror.Check out our sponsors for this episode: www.thehaystack.org Music by Justin Janetzko Twitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobileEmail: 

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A78 Ryan's Confession and Ageism in the Faith Community

March 11, 2019

Ryan makes a rather large admission here and we dive into the problem of ageism in faith. This is specifically tied to assuming the relevance or capability of a person to contribute to the church based on their age. It's a surprisingly easy trap for anyone to fall into, so we won't leave you hanging with no solutions. Make sure to listen all the way through for a special announcement! Check out our sponsors for this episode: 

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A77 Let's Play Taboos

March 04, 2019

You asked for it, we brought it. It's time to go through the taboos! Tony and I talk about everything from tattoos to swearing and let you know our honest thoughts on these topics. It's important to remember this isn't a Bible St...

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A76 Denominational Superiority

February 25, 2019

We all want to belong to the group that we think has things the "most correct." What happens when we start believing that our correctness actually makes us superior to those outside our group, tribe, or community? How do we combat denominational superiority and pride? How easy it to fall into the that trap and how do we avoid it?

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